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Aquatic Pool

The aquatic pool offers a 90-degree heated indoor pool and separate spa, providing rehabilitative therapy for patients who are recovering from surgery, orthopedic ailments, arthritic conditions and strokes.

Pediatric treatments in the pool are always welcome with our little patients, and sports reconditioning is also complemented and completed with our local athletes.

In addition, the pool supports our community by offering water aerobics classes. For more information about water aerobics classes, please call 509.397.3435, ext. 445.

To download a referral form, click here.

To download the Medical Information Form for Participants, click here.

All Swimmers must pre-register as space is limited.
All Swimmers must have a current Physician's Order to use the pool (see above referral form)


Water Exercise Classes at WHMC's Therapy Pool:

January to March 2019 Pool Class Schedule

Water Aerobics (WAVES) $3/Swim

6:30-7:30am M/Th 1/7-3/28

4:30-5:30pm M/W 1/7-3/27

4:30-5:30pm T/Th 1/8-3/28

4:30-5:30pm M/W 1/7-3/27


6:30-7:30pm M 1/7-3/25

6:30-7:30pm Tu 2/5-3/26

6:30-7:30pm W1/9-3/27


6:30-7:30am T/F 1/7-3/29

5:30-6:30pm T 1/7-3/26

5:30-6:30pm Th 1/7-3/27


3:30-4:30pm M-F 1/2-3/29

* All participants must have an exercise program from a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Call the Pool Office at ext. 445 to sign up!