About us

The Foundation was formed in 1989 to solicit and administer gifts in support of our hospital. The endowment fund is a "savings account" that can produce unrestricted income to help ensure that Whitman Community Hospital will continue to meet the healthcare needs of our area.

Healthcare is one of the most important assets that our community has to offer its residents. The economic uncertainty, increasing government involvement and insurance payment fees make maintaining a small rural hospital even more challenging than ever.

Together we can guarantee that Whitman Community Hospital will continue to be here for all of us.

The Foundation board of directors is governed by volunteers who are committed to continuing the hospital's excellence in care and service.

2017 Board of Directors:

President: Mark Johnson
Vice President: Linda Marler
Secretary: Arielle Lawhead
Treasurer: Terry Eng

Board Members:
Katherine Wride
Kimberly DeHart
Jerry Pugh
Bruce Ensley

Harless Hartman, Foundation Coordinator
509.397.3435, ext. 400



Whitman Community Hospital Foundation invites applications for the position of Foundation Coordinator to represent the Foundation in Whitman County, keep computer records, organize events, and work with volunteers.  Advanced computer skills, business communications, and people skills are required.  Part-time, 600-700 hours yearly.  Salary DOE/Q.

For questions or to apply contact Linda Marler at 509-288-1314 or mlmarler@q.com

Foundation Coordinator Job Description
Employment Application